Real Estate

You can rely on DP Law firm’s extensive experience in Real Estate Litigation and Real Estate Law to resolve any issues that arise during the closing of your real estate transaction. Together with our civil litigation experience and real estate knowledge, we can provide you with the confidence you need to make a wise decision regarding your real estate needs. The DP Law firm offers tailored solutions for every type of real estate transaction, whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a house, condominium, or commercial building.

We’ve built strong relationships with Major Lenders, Banks, Trust Companies, and Real Estate Agents over the years, through which we provide multifaceted legal services to our clients on time and at a reasonable cost. We will help you resolve issues that may arise in your real estate closing, whether it is a breach of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, foreclosure or power of sale, mortgage or loan enforcement, Buyer Representation Agreements, title disputes or title insurance claims.

Our Services:

Whether you wish to buy, sell, or finance a commercial or residential property, you may be unaware of the potential issue that might derail your almost successful deal but DP Law can help you with all those complexities because we are experienced in ownership structuring, land assembly, municipal/development issues, environmental issues, negotiating the deal, financing, and closing the deal. We get our clients effectively to the finishing line with the help of our practical and creative solutions.

With cumulative experience in a wide range of leasing projects, we can assist you with your leasing needs. In our endeavors, we strive to provide you with clear and practical solutions to make sure your project reaches its completion. We use our knowledge and technology to keep your costs down. We tend to hold experience in a wide range of lease types, including office, office complexes, retail, industrial, shopping centers, mixed-use, hospitality, and other major types.

DP Law helps you meet provincial legislation requirements and the municipal approval process. We can also help you with preparing all the disclosure documents that you need to provide to your purchaser. Also, we act for individual unit owners in situations where corporations commit alleged defaults, or a board or corporation may be guilty of improper conduct.

At DP Law, we can represent you and provide you with the ease and comfort that you need to proceed with the sale of your home, condominium unit, or investment property. We aim to handle your legal portion of the sales process from the sale and purchase agreement through closing. Our services also include: drafting the deed, drafting the Power of Attorney, reviewing the settlement statement, attending the closing, drafting a seller-oriented purchase and sale agreement, negotiating the agreement with the buyer’s attorney, and ensuring that the Closing Attorney records the deed on time.

At DP Law, we can also assist you as a buyer and make your process of buying a property, home, or condominium quite easy. With our support, you can forget the worries of the legal stage of the buying process from the purchase and sale agreement. The services we offer include reviewing the PSA (Purchase and Sale Agreement), obtaining requisite and desired title insurance, and making the transfer of title to our client’s name as efficient and smooth as possible.

We at DP Law always represent their clients in proceedings and out-of-court settlements. With the help of our effective and practical strategies, we can address the legal and business issues confronting our lenders. We also aim to bring maximum potential returns to the clients.

Based on our experience, DP Law Firm represents clients in the area of Mortgage Refinance of Property. We provide meticulous attention to the details of our client’s case. You may be looking to secure funds for a renovation, pay off debts, or simply take advantage of a more beneficial interest rate, we are here to help.

Even the simplest commercial space is leased by way of commercial leasing. Generally, the leases are complex and lengthy, when you work with us, you will have access to an experienced lawyer who can review and explain your lease more thoroughly. As a result, it will help you negotiate the lease to meet your business requirements.

Our services include drafting construction contracts that safeguard our client’s interests. We try our best to keep our clients avoid problems, identify and manage risk, and comply with regulatory requirements. Every client and their case is different, so we first study the case and then give beneficial solutions to our clients. We understand the complexities of these contracts, but our experience and skills are right to assist you with drafting all types of contracts.

At DP Law firm, we place a high value on client-centricity, and our goal is to provide clients with quality legal services.

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