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At DP Law firm, we place a high value on client-centricity, and our goal is to provide clients with quality legal services. The services we provide are geared towards challenging and overcoming Canadian immigration refusals. Each of our clients benefits from our expertise and close working relationship with them.

Throughout our history as legal counsel, we have consistently achieved outstanding results on behalf of the clients we have represented. Immigration, criminal, and real estate law are some areas where we provide vigorous representation. Most importantly, we support our clients during their most difficult and emotional situations.

As a results-driven firm, we strive to ensure our clients have a smooth and worry-free journey through the legal system. In order to successfully handle immigration cases, we acknowledge that legal knowledge in intersecting fields such as criminal law, family law, and real estate law is often required. Consequently, our legal education does not limit itself to immigration law.

We uphold the core values of prudence and professionalism to build long-term relationships with our clients. We have represented countless clients in criminal, immigration, and real estate matters and are dedicated to keeping up with constantly changing laws.

Vineet Kaushal, B.A. L.L.B

Barrister & Solicitor

Vineet Kaushal is a principal lawyer at D.P. Law firm. As a lawyer who specializes in immigration and criminal law, he has an expertise in all aspects of Canadian immigration, and criminal law, including the sponsorship of spouses and partners, Express Entry applications, humanitarian cases, work permits, study permits & refusals, visitor visas, criminal admissibility, immigration refusals, and citizenship and permanent residency renewals.

Criminal, real estate, and immigration law are the fields Vineet has been interested in and committed to for a long time.  As a 2012 graduate of Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, he was honored with a number of awards for academic excellence.

He was called to the bar following completion of his law degree and had represented clients in the high courts of Punjab and Haryana. Since 2018, he has represented clients in criminal, immigration, and real estate legal proceedings in the Ontario Court of Justice, and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

His passion for law and deeper understanding of the field led him to pursue his dream of starting his own practice. It was from there that DP Law firm was born.

In recognition of his expert status in this field, Vineet is now inducted into the Law Society of Alberta and Ontario. Our decade-long experience in the courtroom is reflected in solid results in a short period of time. Throughout our relationship with our clients, we support and believe in them as true partners.

For the best representation on behalf of our clients, we meticulously research, review, and prepare every case we take on. We can assist you with more information or a consultation if you have questions about our practice.

At DP Law firm, we place a high value on client-centricity, and our goal is to provide clients with quality legal services.

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