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As a Canadian immigration law firm, we know that the immigration landscape has become increasingly complex over the years. We are recognized across Canada and internationally for our expertise in Canadian immigration law. Find out how we can help you with your Canadian immigration plan by getting in touch with our firm.

Providing relentless legal representation and high-quality services is our firm’s hallmark. No matter what your immigration goals are, whether you’re visiting, studying or moving permanently to Canada with your family, you can count on us for practical legal advice. Our expertise includes dealing with criminal inadmissibility issues, which are challenging for other immigration practitioners. We are here to provide you with compassionate, knowledgeable, and confident assistance in making immigration decisions and understanding your immigration rights.

Our Services:

DP Law provides you with the services such as spousal and dependent children sponsorship, brother, sister, nephew, niece, uncle, or grandchildren sponsorship, and parent & grandparent sponsorship. We can provide these services and get you a visa on your recommended sponsorship. Also, you should check the terms and conditions of these sponsorships before applying.

Using the Express Entry program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) manages and facilitates the selection and processing of economic immigration programs in Canada, including the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the Canadian Experience Class, and some of the Provincial Nominee Programs. Several factors will contribute points to your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score). Each factor is ranked in order of importance and has a point value. The total point value is your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score).

DP law firm has experience with the Express Entry program, and we keep you updated with recent legislative and policy developments, making us a reliable source of legal assistance with the Express Entry program. You can depend on us for assistance with calculating your point total and submitting the appropriate documents to support your application to ensure that it is processed as soon as possible.

Foreign national individuals who want to study in Canada are provided with a study permit document. With its help, they can study in Canada in their choice of field. After completing their studies, they can be eligible for a post-graduation work permit. DP Law has years of experience in such cases, so contact us if you wish to study in Canada.

Foreign nationals may require a work permit to work temporarily in Canada. DP Law can help you by preparing work permit applications for you. Our services include Post-Graduation work permits; spousal open work permits (for spouses of students and skilled workers); LMIA-based work permits; owner Operator LMIA based work permits; Intra Company Transfer (ICT) based work permits; International Experience Canada work permits; and bridging open work permit.

The federal-provincial/territorial agreements allow the provincial and territorial governments to choose the immigrants according to the economic need of the province or territory. Every province or territory operates its PNP. DP Law can help you throughout your PNP process, so we can assist you best if you need any other information regarding PNP.

In order to obtain a temporary foreign worker or international worker under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or International Mobility Program (IMP), a Canadian employer may be required to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is a document that establishes that there is a need for a foreign worker for the job in question and that no Canadian workers are available to fulfill the role. A LMIA must first be obtained by employers who wish to hire temporary workers through the TFWP. LMIAs are not required under other circumstances, such as NAFTA or GATS.

At DP Law, we ensure companies comply with all government requirements, including those set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada. Our services include providing guidance on whether an LMIA is necessary, assisting employers with the LMIA process, and assisting companies in preventing liability while ensuring the continuity of business operations.

The individuals who are not eligible to become permanent Canadian residents but they have one more option, which is to apply on humanitarian & compassionate grounds. People with exceptional cases apply for such applications. It is an opportunity to apply and request that immigration waive the usual and regular requirements for applying for permanent residency under the law.

But the decision-maker, before proceeding with their decision, would consider multiple factors, including the applicant’s economic, social, and family ties to Canada; duration of the applicant’s stay in Canada; the best interest of the child, if any; hardships in case applicant are denied a stay in Canada as a permanent resident; integration of the applicant in the community and community involvement of the applicant; and applicant’s character and civil record. DP Law can help you with such applications.

If your authorized period of stay ends, DP Law can help you extend your stay and also help you change your temporary status and other problems related to your status.  We have years of experience and expertise in this field.

You are eligible to migrate to Canada if you are a foreign national who is experienced as a business owner or an entrepreneur. You can start a new business or buy an existing business. The foreign national individuals who wish to use their business experience to migrate to Canada, the Canadian government has launched the Federal Business Immigration program. 

There are four classes, namely: Immigrant Investor, federal entrepreneur, self-employed persons, start-up visa program, and out of these, you can apply for only one. DP Law can help you migrate to Canada as an entrepreneur or investor. 

We help navigate the complicated immigration process for businesses, business owners, investors, and foreign workers. You can rely on us to present your business experience effectively to satisfy managerial or entrepreneurial requirements.

NAFTA is the north American free trade agreement negotiated between Canada, the US, and Mexico in 1994. It provides unique work opportunities to the citizens of the US and Mexico to work in Canada. In some cases, foreign nationals covered by NAFTA provisions may be eligible to work in Canada without the requirement of an LMIA or work permit. You can contact DP Law for more information regarding this.

Refugees are individuals who are forced to flee from their country for fear of persecution and cannot return to their home country. The Canadian government fulfills its international obligation by recognizing the refugee program. It comprises two main parts; the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program (for people who need protection outside Canada.) and the In-Canada Asylum Program (for people who make refugee protection claims within Canada.) DP Law can provide you with professional services depending on your refugee claims.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) issues three types of removals, such as a Departure order; you must leave Canada within 30 days after the order takes effect. Exclusion Order; in this, you cannot return to Canada for 1 year. Deportation Order; in this, you are barred from returning to Canada and cannot return unless you apply for ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada). 

DP Law can assist you throughout the process and help you to wave off these removals.

Deportation orders have long-lasting consequences as the individual gets barred permanently from entering Canada. An individual gets 30 days after the order. But you can return to Canada after applying for Authorization to Re-enter Canada (ARC). DP Law can help you through deportation hearings and can also represent you there.

An inadmissible foreign national can be cited for a number of reasons, including; convictions on criminal grounds, whether they were committed in Canada or abroad, misrepresentations made in front of immigration or other government departments, medical inadmissibility, including severe health conditions or contagious diseases that would burden Canadian healthcare, non-compliance with Canadian immigration laws and related laws, and for financial reasons. Despite possessing a valid passport or permanent residency card, you can still be inadmissible.

Our highly knowledgeable immigration lawyer at DP Law will assist you with all your inadmissibility claims. Contact us to discuss your options if your inadmissibility prevents you from entering or remaining in Canada. As your legal advisors, we’ll help you take the steps necessary to lead a safer life.

You can trust us to represent you on your citizenship application or appeal with the required prowess and experience. You will be in good hands with us as we know the requirements and procedure for obtaining citizenship and will ensure that you are well positioned to succeed in this process. During your consultation, we can explain how the Federal Government has amended Canada’s citizenship law and develop a strategy so you can obtain Canadian citizenship with ease.

We will ensure you receive strong, effective representation when you need assistance with your citizenship appeal. The details of your case will be examined in detail.

Permanent residents must have a valid PR card or a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) card to return to Canada by bus, train, boat, or airplane. If you do not have the card, you won’t be able to board. 

If your card has expired, you must apply for a new one if you want to be a permanent resident of the country. It is generally issued for 5 years, but in some circumstances, it is issued for only one year. DP Law can assist you through all the legal formalities while applying for renewal of the PR card.

The individuals affected by the decisions of the immigration department have an avenue to appeal at the immigration appeal division. They hear appeals of sponsorship applications refused by CIC officials, appeals from certain removal orders made against permanent residents, refugees, and other protected persons, and holders of permanent resident visas, and appeals by permanent residents who have been found outside of Canada not to have fulfilled their residency obligation. DP Law provides you with such services and makes complex legal processes simple.

If a worker, student, or visitor loses their status, they may apply for restoration within 90 days of their valid legal status expiring. DP Law can help you with all the work of restoration applications.

In case a negative decision is made in matters of immigration law, you are eligible and have the right to appeal the decision under the appeal process of the immigration appeal division of the immigration and refugee board. DP Law assures you to represent you in the IAD or federal court of Canada. We are experienced and can benefit you with our professional services.

At DP Law firm, we place a high value on client-centricity, and our goal is to provide clients with quality legal services.

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