Criminal Law

A criminal charge can be one of the most terrifying experiences of one’s life. Consequences can be far-reaching and may affect every aspect of your life. It is essential that you hire an experienced criminal law firm to represent you in your case. With our expertise in negotiation and vigorous advocacy in court, DP Law firm aims to achieve the best possible outcome.

As criminal defense attorney, we defend clients throughout the entire criminal process. We are there to assist you every step of the way, whether you need pre-charge advice, guidance through the court process, or even representation during trials and appeals. Keeping your rights and freedoms safe is our top priority. We aim to ensure that you receive the help and results you deserve.

A drug offense is a serious crime with some serious consequences. A person is charged with this offense when he or she is selling, dealing, or providing drugs illegally. In case you are being charged with this offense or if someone you love is, our experienced lawyer can provide you with legal assistance and help protect your rights.

If you have been the victim of an illegal search & seizure and want to challenge this, feel free to contact us. We will investigate your case to determine if your rights were violated or if your property was unlawfully seized. 

Legal search and seizure tactics and Charter of Rights violations are areas in which our criminal defense lawyers excel. We can provide you with professional and honest legal assistance if you believe that law enforcement officers have interfered with your legal rights in an unfair manner.

There have recently been changes in the law that may encourage individuals charged with drunk driving to plead guilty and receive modest punishments. It might seem appealing to consider this option. We at DP Law firm recommend you speak with our experienced drinking and driving defense attorney before making a plea agreement. Before making any decisions, we’ll guide you through all your legal options.

There are many expensive penalties associated with drinking and driving. These include heavy fines, probation, a criminal record, higher auto insurance rates, loss of driving privileges, and the installation of ignition interlock devices at your expense. It is the goal of our lawyers at DP Law firm to protect your legal rights. As a result of our thorough analysis of the evidence, we are able to put together a strong defense that protects your interests.

The criminal justice system is not flawless. Sometimes the trial court makes a wrong decision, and a second look is required. DP Law represents their clients during the preparation and arguing of the appeals in appellate court. Legal advice and representation are offered to file and represent appeals to help you receive your benefits.

Throughout the practice, our lawyer draws on a diversity of legal experiences and understandings. Our goal is to persuade through preparation, knowledge, and advocacy.

Whether it is a bail variation, bail hearing, or a review of a denial of bail, we provide representation for all bail issues. Sometimes a surety is needed to facilitate your release from custody. If you have been asked to act as a surety for someone you know, you may have questions as well. With DP Law Firm, you can expect individualized attention, answers to your questions, and assistance with your legal matters.

In any criminal proceeding, bail is a critical stage, and you need effective representation to have the best chance of obtaining your freedom. With solid advice and collaboration with sureties, we help you develop a release plan that will secure your release. 

Minors can be charged with criminal offenses as adults due to simple errors of conviction or misunderstandings. Count on us for strong legal representation if your child is being held in custody. Keeping a conviction off your child’s record and preventing legal sanctions are the goals of our experienced lawyer.  

Hiring a lawyer with experience can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case if your child is likely to be responsible for paying legal fees. Defending juveniles against all criminal offenses is our topmost legal priority. 

Whether you are being investigated or charged with sexual assault, the most important thing is to not give any statement to the police before you hire a professional lawyer. Also, you should not consent to let your property be searched without a legal warrant. 

DP Law firm is the first place you should turn to if you need a sexual assault defense lawyer. Protecting your rights and preventing your incarceration are our top priorities. You can rely on us when it comes to your freedom and your future. Based on your unique case circumstances, we work hard to develop the best possible defense for you.

Most of the time, fraudulent acts are motivated by alcohol, drugs, or gambling addiction. Sometimes, there is some misunderstanding, or the individual is unaware that he is contributing to some crime.

We are conversant with the intricacies of fraudulent cases, including; contract fraud, cheque fraud, forgery, insurance fraud, identity fraud/theft, fraudulent financial transactions, and accounting and bookkeeping fraud. Usually, fraud penalties are based on the amount of money or the value of the property involved. As a result, the convicted person is likely to be ordered to surrender the property. At DP Law firm, we protect your legal rights by presenting a strong defense in court.

Domestic violence cases frequently involve escalated conflicts between spouses or partners. When allegations of spousal abuse are brought in conjunction with divorce or other family law proceedings, they can adversely affect the outcome of those proceedings. As a spousal abuse lawyer, we have helped many clients who suddenly found themselves facing serious criminal charges. In order to have the charges withdrawn, we’ll investigate the allegations and uncover the truth. 

We can help you if you believe your spouse is trying to gain custody of your children or possession of your property by falsely accusing you. We understand what you are facing and are committed to protecting your interests. Our goal is always to reach the best outcome, whether we negotiate or go for a trial.

If you are charged with a tax evasion case, count on the best tax evasion defense lawyers at DP Law. Income tax evasion is punishable by substantial fines, interest, and payment of the tax amount if convicted. When there is an allegation of failure to declare income, there may be multiple prosecutions, including a criminal charge. DP Law firm prides itself on its creative defense strategies. We provide a strong defense for both business and individual cases. 

The weapon charges are usually laid when you possess a weapon that can harm someone, usually a gun or a knife. And extortion charges are laid when you try to blackmail or make threats, accusations, or menaces or violence to the complainant, usually for money. If you are charged with such a case, you will need an experienced lawyer from DP Law because if convicted, the penalties are steep. 

Being charged with murder charges is devastating. But if unfortunately, you or your loved ones are investigated or arrested with such charges, you need an attorney that can strongly and aggressively represent your case in court. DP Law can represent your case and try to strive the positive outcomes. 

At DP Law firm, we place a high value on client-centricity, and our goal is to provide clients with quality legal services.

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